At Hockley Mint, we manufacture wedding and engagement rings. We are fully committed to using Fairtrade gold, and are working towards using Fair Trade gold in all of our products. We believe it is important that the jewellery industry starts to take responsibility and make necessary changes to ensure that production processes are not detrimental to peoples lives or the environment. We want to create sustainable futures for miners, our jewellers and our retailers. To view our range of wedding and engagement rings, visit www.hockleymint.co.uk

Wedding jewellery is a celebration of love, and we feel that this celebration should be not be at the cost of other lives. Often, miners do have other employment opportunities, such as agriculture. The gold industry employs over 100 million people annually. We believe that we need to start making changes now. 

We are a jewellery manufactur in Birmingham. We use new technologies and traditional jewellery manufacturing techniques. We create good quality rings and have many designs to choose from. We produce precious metal castings, and these castings are transformed into finish jewellery items in our workshops, by skilled jewellers.