All Ethical Gold products are manufactured by Hockley Mint using Fairtrade gold. Fairtrade Gold is sourced ethically and sustainably. Miners are paid fair wages. We collaborate with the miners and their community, to facilitate the changes they want; such as improvements to local infrastructure, schools and health care. Although artisinal (small-scale) mines only produce 10% of the worlds gold, they make up 90% of the labour force. Fairtrade gold is about providing a choice for customers. We want to be transparent about what we do, and how we do - from the mining process to manufacturing, here at Hockley Mint in the Jewellery Quarter.  



All pit miners must be over the age of 18 and work cannot more 8 hours a day.  A percentage of the profits are invested back into the mine and the local community.  Miners have union representatives from different areas of the mine. These representatives work with the mine owner in order to make changes and improvements in the mine and local communities.

 Methods are used in the mining process to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals such as mercury and cyanide which can have detrimental affects on the health of miners and the environment.

HOW DO fairtrade mines compare with other artisanal mines? 


Many artisanal mines have no formal set up, locals enter the mine with no training on how to extract gold effectively, or how to amalgamate gold. This lack of awareness means many miners put their health and safety at risk. Miners receive low wages, because they are forced to sell their gold to buyers for a very low price. This can be as low as 25% of the normal price, and in some regions, miners earn less than $2 a day. There can be a chain of up to 20 or more buyers in many case, each profiting from the gold they sell to the next buyer, until it reaches the manufacturer. 

Fairtrade eliminates the need for buyers because companies buy directly from the mines. With Fairtrade gold, we can tell you exactly where the gold was sourced to provide you with a fully transparent supply chain. The gold from mines comes straight to us at Hockley Mint, the Fairtrade Gold team acts as a third party who ensure a premium is paid so that miners receive a fair price. There are also routine checks on the mines carried out by the Fairtrade team in order to ensure that standards are maintained. If you buy Fairtrade gold you can be confident that miners and their communities get a fair deal and that there is minimal damage to the environment.



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For further information, read the Fairtrade Gold report on the Fairtrade website.