Fairtrade works with the local community. Improvements to schools, local water supplies and infrustructure are developed. 


Fairtrade sotrami mine, peru


"Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) attracts those on low income. Miners and their families live in nearby Santa Filomena, which was established by small-scale agriculturalists, unemployed and landless people displaced by violence in other regions of Peru, who took to informal mining. The mine supports 500 families."




You can read more about the Sotrami mine on the official Fairtrade website→ The mine is in the Atacama desert. It was previously operated by an American mining company, who left when the Peruvian government nationalised the mining sector in 1970. This lead to informal mining operations carried out by local people and citizens who visited the area. "The community in Santa Filomena has established a pre-school for 140 local children, which means not only do children have access to education but also have somewhere safe to be looked after while their parents are working".- Fairtrade website